Santa Rosa couples counselor and sex therapist Barbara MolleWelcome

Thanks for considering me for coaching in Santa Rosa. I’d like to offer you a safe and confidential place to explore the process of self-discovery and the areas where you might like to make changes.

No matter what the source of dissatisfaction in your life, we can create strategies for positive change.

Whether you are dissatisfied with your financial situation, your marriage, your job, your health and body, or your family dynamics, we can create strategies for change.

As a retired psychotherapist, I believe my clients would say that you’ll find me insightful, goal-oriented, and creative in helping you formulate a plan for change.

Ways we can work together

In our work together, we’ll look at how various developmental influences have affected your sense of self, relationships, work patterns, financial well-being and more. We work with those past influences because they truly do formulate the map to the territory.

Through learning, role playing, dreamwork, relaxation, hypnosis, breathwork and other energetic techniques, you’ll formulate strategies to accomplish and acquire your life’s desires.

If you come for couple’s work, I’ll ask each of you what prompts you to seek coaching and what you want to accomplish. We’ll discover how you lost the excitement that brought you together and how to create new patterns that bring more loving, sexuality, pleasure, support, comfort and security.

Meet Dr. Barbara Mollé

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I Can Help With…

  • Individuals & Couples Issues
  • Intimacy and Passion
  • Body-Oriented Issues
  • Hypnosis
  • Energy Work: EFT, Breathwork, Focusing
  • Body Image Issues

SSP Protocol… If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed, Anxious, Depressed, Unsafe

Dr. Barbara Molle is now offering a new scientifically proven program called Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP, created by Dr. Stephen Porges.

This is brand new! Dr. Porges, after 20 years of research, testing, and working with engineers, has developed the program based on “medicinal” music.

Using specially developed recordings that have been acoustically and algorithmically altered, Dr. Porges discovered that the music calms and heals your nervous system.

Listeners use a cell phone app to download the program and listen with headphones while relaxing at home.

Hard to believe? Consider that a nervous system that has been overwhelmed by danger, stress, PTSD, Covid and more hangs onto pain and fear. As the SSP begins to open and heal the nervous system due to the music’s impact on the brain, life becomes easier, calmer, more doable.

Learn more about the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) 

Ask Dr. Molle for a free consultation to learn more about SSP and how it might work for you. Contact Dr. Molle

About the Re-Igniting Passion Workshop for Couples

Whether your relationship is only months old, or you’re in a 30-year marriage, it is normal to experience varying levels of passion.

Passion, including the level of excitement you share just being together as well as the fire that leads to a mutually satisfying sexual union, can be affected by many things.

The Re-Igniting Passion Workshop is offered in Santa Rosa, CA

Without specific tools to rekindle passion, people

in love can find themselves challenged to recreate the spark that both partners want to share.

When this happens, it can seem that love itself is fading.

The Re-Igniting Passion Workshop helps couples build a stronger foundation for passion, whether it’s better listening, conflict resolution or new ways of thinking about your relationship.

Re-Igniting Passion Couples Workshop offers area couples a way to rebuild their connection.

Next Couples Workshop Now Enrolling

The Re-Igniting Passion workshop has currently been suspended due to the Covid restrictions and will be announced at a future date.

Get details on the Re-Igniting Passion Workshop