Santa Rosa couples counselor and sex therapist Barbara MolleAbout Dr. Molle

I became a psychotherapist in my 30’s after a career in retailing and teaching at both the elementary and early childhood levels. I was raising children as I went through training and became a professional. Now I’ve been practicing for over 30 years and love the work that I do everyday.

My interest in the mind/body/spirit connection has led me to explore the practices of mindfulness and energy psychology.

One of the joys of being a therapist is that I get to study, experience and experiment in the areas in which I guide my clients.

I’ve always been mind/body/spirit oriented. This has led me to a greater interest in and exploration of the practices of energy psychology, dreamwork, meditation, Yoga, deep psychotherapy, body-oriented therapy, creative arts and hypnosis.

Santa Rosa therapist Barbara Molle helps people looking for change.Sometimes in therapy we explore core issue patterning that can result from traumatic occurrences during birth, early and developing childhood, school experiences (e.g. scapegoating, sexual and social development). These can lead to crises in adulthood, affecting the nature and health of our jobs, relationships, body image, financial situations and more.

Because I am business-oriented and have started numerous businesses myself, I like to help my clients solve business problems, set goals and practice techniques that will help them get ahead in their chosen professions. I also help companies with hiring and post-hiring integration, team building, conflict resolution and leadership development.

One of my teachers said that good mental health is having a sense of well-being within, recognizing when we have lost it and finding ways to get it back. That is the essence of the work I do.

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