Santa Rosa couples counselor and sex therapist Barbara MolleBackground

As a retired psychotherapist, Dr. Mollé has had over 30 years of educational background and applied experience that includes working with individuals, couples, families, teens, the elderly and people seeking sex and intimacy assistance.

In addition, she is often engaged by organizations that need qualified help with critical incidents, layoff support and other situations where a behavioral consultant’s expertise is required.

Educational and Professional Highlights

  • 20 years training and teaching with The Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy, (Los Angeles). Studies include body-oriented psychotherapy, couples and sex therapy, focusing, Gestalt Therapy, self-psychology and object relations, etc.
  • Over 15 years consulting and training in corporations and public agencies teaching stress reduction, communications, creating positive work environments, coping with layoffs, dealing with difficult people, critical Incident response, Emotional & Social Intelligence coaching, consulting and training.
  • 3 years working with weight loss, body image, nutrition
  • 1 year training at AEDP West (Accelerated Experientail-Dynamic Psychotherapy)
  • Training and teaching: elementary school and early childhood education
  • Studies in body-oriented healing modalities: Cranial Sacral Work; NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Work); Accupressure; IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy)
  • PhD Dissertation: The Breath as a Healing Psychotherapeutic Modality
  • Graduated B.S. Ohio State University
  • M.A. Counseling, Azusa Pacific College
  • PhD. Counseling Psychology, International University