Santa Rosa couples counselor and sex therapist Barbara MollePhilosophy

I believe we are all motivated by wanting to live a happy and fulfilling life. As your coach, it is my job to help you find the roadblocks and replace them with proactive choices, decisions and skills that will help you enhance your life in ways that meet your goals and heart’s desires.

Coaching should not be an open-ended process with no end in sight.

I always begin the coaching relationship by asking the question, “If we are successful, how will your life be different than it is now?”

I continue to follow your goals with you and work toward keeping us on track. I don’t believe coaching should be an open-ended process with no end in sight. It can and should be exciting and challenging and at times fun, but it should also be goal-oriented. My role is to help you achieve meaningful results.

A coach’s skill is largely measured by how well he/she fits strategies to the client. I have a broad range of skills to draw upon. Which ones I use will vary depending on you, your unique situation and where you are in the coaching process.

Santa Rosa therapist Dr. Barbara Molle shares her philosophy.

We may also draw upon other approaches, including hypnosis, energy and body-oriented work, hypnosis, dreamwork, EFT, meditation and mindfulness, focusing, visualization and more.

I believe it’s possible to create a plan for you that helps improve your quality of life. The path to success involves taking a history, developing a strong and trusting bond between us, getting clear on your goals and accommodating your financial considerations and time constraints.

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