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Re-Igniting Passion ♠

A workshop for couples who love each other and want to enrich their relationship with renewed excitement.


The demands of life have a way of eroding the excitement you once felt in your relationship. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rebuild the passion!

How Do We Get Our Passion Back?

The “hot” romance we typically experience in the early stages of a committed relationship can fade over time. It can happen to anyone.

In fact, most couples experience peaks and valleys in their level of excitement during a long-term relationship. Everything from job pressures to kids to financial worries, aging and more can all erode the passion in your marriage or partnership.

The ebb and flow is natural. The problem comes when you don’t know how to navigate through the low spots, and one or both of you begin to make decisions that love must be dying and/or that the relationship must be over.

But, just because passion wanes, that doesn’t mean it’s dead forever and you will never get the spark back. All it takes is your commitment, some new tools and an understanding coach to lead you through the process. That’s where the workshop comes in.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]workshop

You Can Rekindle the Spark!

Re-Igniting Passion Workshop is designed to help couples rebuild the foundation for romantic passion in their relationship.

The program is a one-day program consisting of inquiry, conversation, feedback and experiential exercises designed to move couples through to new levels of mutual respect, intimacy and love. The program is led by Dr. Barbara Molle, Santa Rosa area couples’ counselor and psychotherapist.
Please note that the program is not therapy or a sexual encounter group.

What the Workshop Covers

  • How to develop communication skills that build closeness instead of conflict.
  • Techniques for speaking about intimacy issues with an openness and confidence that builds trust.
  • Ways to work as a couple to build energy and charge in the body that lead to satisfying passion and sensuality.
  • Methods that allow you, as a couple, to open your hearts and become present with each other.

What You Will Experience

You and your partner will leave with the following:

  • A deeper understanding of the causes of conflict, biologically and psychologically, and a systematic approach to help you strengthen your connection.
  • Strategies to discuss intimacy issues with your partner that build deeper closeness and sexual trust.
  • An easy-to-learn approach you can both use to building energy in the body that increases desire and pleasure.
  • An expansion of love and caring between you and your partner that opens the way for more growth, togetherness and passion.

Register for the Next Re-Igniting Passion Workshop

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Open Sky Retreat Center Bloomfield Road, Sebastopol
$295 (Includes Lunch)
($350 Late Registration)

About Enrollment

  • This is a couples’ workshop. You must enroll as a couple.
  • Space is limited. If space is not available, you may be placed on a waiting list for the next workshop.
  • Re-Igniting Passion is NOT therapy. If you are interested in couples counseling or sex therapy, please call Dr. Molle at (707) 478-2892.
  • Full payment is required at time of registration to reserve your seats.
  • The registration process includes an intake conversation by phone with Dr. Molle.

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What Participants Said

What Worked:

  • “Hearing others talk about similar problems… Being able to verbalize concerns with people that aren’t judging…”
  • “Spending tender time with my partner.”
  • “The realness of it, the encouragement, the breadth of the materials.”

How they Felt:

  • “I loved the class, and the leaders did an outstanding job.”
  • “The openness of the interactions was wonderful and artfully brought forward with tension, followed by sharing, ending with couples intimacy, was masterful.”
  • “On a scale of 1-10, I think you hit an 11.”